Data Engineers  in the Life Sciences


Data Science & Bioinformatics

We are data scientists in computational biology with decades of international experience in industry. Data science is at our core! Dr. Dirk Evers Consulting evaluates, plans, implements and presents data science projects for companies in the life sciences, in biotech, and the pharmaceutical industry.

DNA Technology

It's in our DNA, literally! Dr. Dirk Evers Consulting performs project management, technical due diligence, and market research on new technologies for DNA instrument developing companies in biotech and in medtech.

Life Science Infrastructure

Through our work for rapidly growing biotechs and academic institutions we have become experts in planning and creating R&D infrastructure. It is a rare thing to have been part of large-scale building projects on the customer-side multiple times. 

Strategic Research

As experts in next generation sequencing technology and big data analytics Dr. Dirk Evers Consulting supports its customers in acquiring a deep understanding of corresponding life science markets. We help to uncover opportunities, qualify projects, perform technical due diligence and make strategic decisions.

“If the 20th century was the century of physics, the 21st century will be the century of biology.”

Craig Venter, Scientist, Biotechnologist, Businessman

Photo by CDC on Unsplash