Data Science

We are data scientists in computational biology with decades of international experience in industry. Data science is at our core. Dr. Dirk Evers Consulting evaluates, plans, implements and presents data science projects for companies in the life sciences, biotech industry, and medicine.

Frontier Technologies

Dr. Dirk Evers Consulting works to evaluate the state and value of transformative discoveries to create opportunities for investment and growth.

Life Science Environments

If you’re looking to design and build out life science spaces that will contribute to the acceleration of innovative breakthroughs, Dr. Dirk Evers Consulting can advise on the design, development, and construction  of these environments.

Strategic Research

Dr. Dirk Evers Consulting conducts in-depth research in order to understand industries, qualify projects, evaluate the commercial potential of technology, and support strategic planning to attract financial commitments.

Game Changing Institutions

If you are looking to further develop your new venture or project idea in life sciences, biotech, or medicine, we can help bring those ideas to life. Our experience spans the development process from inception, to full realization. 


We are committed to accelerating scientific and technical breakthroughs by creating teams that are tailored to each project through our extended network of partners.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Science Fiction Author, Inventor, Futurist